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5 Essential Truth About CV19!

5 Essential Truth About CV19!

Dr Mc Cullough is an Internist, Cardiologist and a Trained Epidemiologist.

Below he has outlined the 5 essential truth about Cov!d 19 .

  1. One can only spread Cov!d 19 when the person has symptoms.

People who does not have symptoms of Cov!d 19 cannot spread the disease. Unless someone is sick, they cannot spread Cov!d 19. Cov!d 19 is not contagious. There is no asymptomatic spread.

2. Because there is no asymptomatic spread, we do not need to close down the schools. This also means we do not need to wear masks. All this because we cannot spread Cov!d 19 asymptomatically. As such, there should be no asymptomatic testing and the WHO agrees to this since 26 June 2021.

If someone has no symptoms & gets a nasal PCR test or an antigen test and it’s positive, there is a 97% chance that it’s a false positive.

3. Once someone recover from Cov!d 19, it’s ONE and DONE!

The pandemic for someone who has had Cov!d is OVER. It does not matter, alpha, gamma, beta, delta or omicron- it’s OVER. The bottom line is ‘You Can’t Get It Again’. One can get false positive test after they have healed from Cov!d but they cannot get Cov!d again.

According to Dr Mc Cullough, natural immunity is our way out of the pandemic.

4. We can treat Cov!d 19 by intercepting it early.

5. The vacc!nes that we have, Pfizer, Moderna & Johnson & Johnson have not performed as we expected them to do.

Hear all this from the mouth of Dr Mc Cullough here