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Health of Vacc!nated Children vs Unvacc!nated Children!

Health of Vacc!nated Children vs Unvacc!nated Children!

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In today’s backward medical climate—where the CDC is essentially a vaccine manufacturer and vaccines are a political tool—if a physician speaks up about informed consent, they are immediately censored. As America’s children grow up, this corrupt scenario means most paediatricians are conditioned and paid to follow the “science” hand-crafted for them by Big Pharma, backed up by its poorly done studies, and have no idea of the real risks of vaccines. Moreover, despite the vaccine schedule in utero to 12 months skyrocketing from five in 1986 to thirty-two in 2024, these physicians ask no questions and ignore the fact that today, America’s children are sicker than at any time in the past four decades. Thank God not all physicians fall for the scheme. Dr. Paul Thomas is one such physician who dared to look out for the children whose lives he cared for, creating a “Vaccine-Friendly Plan” for his patients.

In February 2019, Dr. Thomas explained that the Medical Board approached him and asked him to prove his vaccine-friendly plan was as safe as the CDC schedule. “I literally laughed,” Thomas noted, shocked they would ask him that since “they’ve never proven anything they’ve done as safer than anything else.” The COVID-19 pandemic has proven that to be a true statement—they’ve completely ignored that the jabs are not safe for children. Nevertheless, with the help of an outside expert, Thomas gathered every single data point for every patient born in his practice and age-matched and compared them. Thus, they compared 2,700 patients variably vaccinated and 560 unvaccinated. The results are eye-opening and must be shared repeatedly until parents are wise to the gimmick of keeping their kids unwell in a racket that makes billions for those pulling the strings. Oregon’s Medical Board  knew Thomas’s landmark study was onto something and pulled his license shortly after his report. Here’s what his study found.

Asthma and allergies significantly increased in the vaccinated, off-the-chart difference.

Eczema was significantly higher.

Sinusitis was significantly higher.

Gastroenteritis was significantly higher.

Respiratory infections were significantly higher.

Otitis Media – Middle Ear Infection was significantly higher.

Conjunctivitis – Eye Infections were significantly higher.

Breathing issues were significantly higher.

Behavioural issues were significantly higher.

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