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Is Cov!d19 A Real Virus? By Dr. Judy Mikovits

Dec 23, 2021

Is Cov!d19 A Real Virus? By Dr. Judy Mikovits

Dr. Judy Mikovits is a research scientist.

She received a PhD in Biochemistry from George Washington University.

In her interview with Ava Garcia, she answers to some pertinent questions about Cov!d 19 & vaccines.

Is Cov!d 19 a real virus?

According to Judy Mikovits, the disease Cov!d 19 is not caused by Sars CoV2. The latter is not a real human virus. It is a monkey virus grown in the viral monkey cell line.

The disease called Cov!d was caused by contaminated flu shots which are all contaminated with corona viruses. 4,000 people died in 2020 with influenza & the CDC labelled it calling it Cov!d.

Sars CoV-2 has been isolated from vero monkey kidney cell in the laboratory. It has nothing to do with transmission from people to people!

What are Cov!d V@cc!nes?

They are gene therapy. They don’t meet the legal definition of a v@cc!ne.

The virus being used in the gene therapy is a synthetic virus (synthetic lipid nano-particle). The spike protein is the disease causing entity of the virus.

Bottom line- they are injecting in you a deadly synthetic virus. The the receiver of the gene therapy expresses the spike protein from HIV, the XMRV and SARS. Then you are shedding it & spreading it because your immune system cannot break down that synthetic lipid nano-particle.

Listen to her interview where she also discusses the treatment. Click Here