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Lymphocytes Destroy Heart & Lungs in V@cc!nees

Lymphocytes Destroy Heart & Lungs in V@cc!nees

According to Dr Bhakdi, all gene based v@cc!nes independent of manufacturer produces the same result in the v@cc!nees.

Prof. Dr. Arne Burkhardt, professor of pathology, discovered that in the organs of vacinees who died after the shot, there is auto-immune attack by killer lymphocytes on the tissues of these organs.

The 2 main organs affected were the heart & lungs.

The gene based v@cc!ne caused the production of the sp!ke in the tissues.

Upon first injection of the cov!d jabz the blood vessels of a person becomes leaky because the tapestry is scratched and damaged.

The mRNA leaks into the organs of the heart, lungs, liver, kidney, etc which then starts producing the spike protein. Then the killer lymphocytes go in & destroy these organs.

The same phenomenon happens in the lymph nodes which then also destroys the killer lymphocytes.

The destruction of the killer lymphocytes can cause other disease causing bacteria especially tuberculosis to explode in the years to come.

Dr Bhakdi predicts that there will be an upsurge of tuberculosis in countries like India, Africa & Asia where the tuberculosis bacterium has been lying dormant in the bodies of people.

Dr Bhakdi advises medical practitioners to start looking for viruses, herpes, EBV, CAV that kills babies into the womb of mothers, tuberculosis, toxoplasmosis & cancer.

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