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Save Mauritius!

Save Mauritius!

This is Third World War. This war is different and is being fought on the psychological level.

Mauritius has to get out of the grip of the people who are causing the tyranny.

When the CV19 agenda is to divide the society by instigating the people against one another & the Government, we will be smart in Mauritius.

Through this website, our goal is to unite everyone. The forces of tyranny are coming from outside and they want us to divide.

To counteract this strategy, we have to unite!

We intend to unite everyone in Mauritius so that we come out triumphant.

Remember, Mauritius is our home and each and everyone’s duty is above all to save Mauritius.

We might have different views on how to save Mauritius but a consensus can only be achieved by appropriate discussion platforms and opening up ourselves to varied information sources, research and data analysis.

Let’s fight the invaders and save our beautiful island. We, thus, set an example for the whole world to follow!