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Saving Mauritian Children!

Saving Mauritian Children!

There are around 250,000 Mauritian children aged 15 or below.

These children must be protected from the spike protein from the CV19 jabz.

How do I know?

Brighteon has interviewed Dr Jessica Rose, Vaers data expert.

She explains why we should protect our children from an immunological perspective.

If we care about the future we should protect the children from the jabz that makes the body produce spike protein.

Till now we see that children around the world are safe from Covid and this is also the reason that we need to protect then from this deadly bio-weapon that is the spike protein.

Reasons For Protecting Children From the Jabz

There are 3 reasons that we should protect our children today from this jabz.

1) It’s needless to do anything for or with children as far as CV19 is concerned

CV 19 is not a child’s disease and it’s clearly not affecting our children. We are almost 2 years into this PLANDEMIC and we have lots of data to support the claim that children are almost CV free.

Children have a very powerful first line of immune defense called the innate immune system. The latter includes pre-existing or primed antibodies from B1 cells & natural killer cells that protect children from CV19.

All these prevents the infection of their cells. So, even if children have CV, there are no serious cases. They might have sniffles or cold like symptoms for a day or two and that’s it.

Children who already have CV19 are already protected for life from it. They do not need any further intervention.

The infection fatality rate for children is almost NIL.

Contribution of Children to Herd Immunity

Children who get CV develop mild and moderate disease and as a result continue to contribute to HERD IMMUNITY by developing this broad and long-lived immunity.

2) If a product is harming the adult population, there is no doubt that it will harm the childhood population.

3) It is dangerous to jabz the children on a population species level.

There will be huge amount of variants that will be discovered and that also because of mass v@cc!nation. It would be silly to try to protect a non vulnerable group, that are our children, with a product that does not provide protected immunity or transmission, i.e. does not prevent them catching the virus or transmitting the virus.

Death by CV19 is extremely rare among children.

Dangers of Jabzing Children

Children are not vectors for CV19.

Usually if there is an exchange of virus between child and adult, it’s the adult giving the virus to the child.

Unjabzed children dilutes infectious CoV pressure at the level of the population.

On the other hand, mass v@cc!nation turns children into shedders of more infectious variants.

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